Betting Sites That Don’t Check ID 2023


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Crypto betting sites are gaining momentum, especially with the rise of cryptocurrency. The sudden popularity of crypto betting sites is due to several reasons. However, the anonymity that comes with it makes it highly sought-after.

Remember how traditional bookies needed document verification when creating an account or making your first withdrawal? It was done to ensure the account is under your name, and you fit the gambling age.

However, crypto betting sites brought a twist to the game. Imagine gambling without using your ID for verification? Yes! It is possible with these bookmakers. Find out more about anonymous betting with these bookmakers below.

Unwilling to Provide Personal Data

We live in an era where data privacy is becoming a significant concern. There are many cases of identity theft and online hacking through sharing of personal information online. Most bookmakers request personal details such as physical address and bank information.

It leaves many players open to hacking, especially with weak data protection protocols by most bookmakers. Betting at a crypto site leaves behind no personal information that third parties can access

Unlawful Gambling

Even though online gambling is prevalent, it remains banned in some countries. Players in these countries look to fill the void by going above the law. How? By betting with non-licensed bookmakers who do not request an id.

Why Do Bookies Allow Players with No ID?

Most bookmakers work in line along the confines of their licenses. Furthermore, they do not want to complicate the process of placing a bet on their site. Also, most sites abide by the online regulatory and licensed bodies.

Therefore, it is easy to see why other bookmakers do not take the account verification process seriously. Some online bookmakers built a solid online reputation by not following these regulations.

In addition, these bookmakers have operating licenses from regulatory authorities such as in Panama or Curacao. These licensing bodies are known to have leniency for these bookmakers in comparison to other licensing bodies.

However, there is a catch! Most operators will raise a red flag once the withdrawals are higher than a set amount. Furthermore, some operators request ID verification a month later after registering or making a withdrawal.

How to Bet Anonymously with Crypto

The best way to bet anonymously is through crypto betting sites that accept crypto payments, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Furthermore, players can make deposits and withdrawals without any ID verification.

How is this possible? It is possible because Bitcoin does not link to any account. It is a reason why crypto sportsbooks are on the rise. The only thing needed is to click the registration button to kickstart your playing experience.

How to Bet Without Giving Too Much Information

Do you want to play without giving out too much personal information? Well, it is possible. Furthermore, many bookmakers understand the need for privacy. Here are techniques to placing bets while avoiding the ID verification process.

No ID Sportsbooks

Bookmakers such as 1Xbit or Stake are highly population options that do not require ID verification. However, other bookmakers need a copy of your ID Card, driver’s license and passport before making a withdrawal or immediately after registering.

Moreover, other sportsbooks need a call verification to verify all relevant information before registering a betting account. Also, others go to the extend of calling on a landline to confirm the physical address is not made up.

Betting Sites with No Photo/ Video Call Verification

Other bookmakers take the game higher by requesting a selfie photo after sending your personal details such as passport or ID card. More specifically, others demand a one-on-one video chat to confirm the person’s legitimacy.

Thus, we highly suggest trying out other bookies without these stringent measures for account verification.

Bookmakers and Source of Funds

Some bookies are highly interested in knowing your source of funds. Therefore, expect to receive a request to attach your bank details. Nonetheless, submitting these documents will only approve your withdrawal request.

Can Cryptocurrencies Beat ID Checks?

Gambling with cryptocurrency is legal. Moreover, there is a line of sportsbooks that accept deposits in the form of crypto payments. Also, there is a new crop of emerging crypto-based betting sites that entirely work on cryptocurrencies.

In addition, all transactions with these crypto-based sportsbooks are purely anonymous. All records and transactions remain part of the blockchain. However, the retrieval of this information is extremely hard.

There is no central governance about the transactions. Therefore, it is possible to make deposits and withdrawals. There is no registration forms needed. Also, other bookies provide a random address and password to access your account.

Given that most countries have strict laws with regard to gambling. Players can safely place bets on these betting sites while playing with total anonymity.

In case you are unwilling to divulge personal information to bookmakers, crypto betting sites are your solution. Avoid the long and tedious processes of validating your account and no more sending copies of your ID, passport, bank statements or driving licence.

*Disclaimer: It is important to note that some bookmakers can request ID verification if they suspect underage gambling. Also, this article is not suited for underage people.

Bottom Line

Gambling is a fun and engaging experience. Therefore, you should never feel like giving away your personal information to access it. There are two straightforward options to choose from. Crypto betting sites will protect your privacy. Make a stand today!