Is it safe to bet anonymously with Crypto?

Is it safe to bet anonymously with Crypto?

Are you a gaming enthusiast and a fan of betting? Well, you must have come across many betting sites, spoiling you for choice. These betting sites offer different payment methods, both traditional and modern. Traditional deposit and withdrawal methods include E-wallets, bank transfers and mobile money.

However, with technological advancement, cryptocurrency has taken over as the next big payment method. Most betting sites have started embracing this modern form of payment. In fact, there are some sites which only accept cryptocurrency as their only payment mode.

Why is Crypto anonymous?

Many bettors wonder why crypto betting is anonymous and whether it is safe to bet with crypto. Well, we are here to offer clarifications. First, the main reason why crypto betting is anonymous is how the payment method works.

When using all the other traditional deposit and withdrawal methods, you have to sign up and enter your details. In some way, you have an account that is linked to you. As opposed to these traditional methods, crypto betting is quite anonymous and secretive.

When you make a cryptocurrency transfer to a betting account, there are less pieces of information that are collected; your anonymous cryptocurrency wallet details and the details from the bookmarker.

While using anonymous crypto betting, you can send money and bet without revealing your identity, making it more convenient. The main benefit of this type of deposit method is that the bookmarker can never find out who you are, especially in cases where you are winning lots of money.

However, the bookmarker can still freely mark your account and keep up to date with the bets you place. So, yes, it is very safe to bet with crypto, and it boasts of various advantages that you will like.

How do you send and receive crypto anonymously?

In order to send and receive crypto in an anonymous way, you should make use of anonymous crypto wallets. These crypto wallets ensure that the crypto is received without much revealing of your identity.

Among the most popular anonymous crypto wallets include Wasabi Wallet, Samourai Wallet and Ledger Nano Series.

Well, there are different forms of cryptocurrencies in the world today. However, there are several brands which are the most anonymous and these include; Bitcoin Private, Zcash, Verge, DASH and Monero. With these, you can transact funds online with unbeatable secrecy.

Is Crypto betting really safe?

As earlier mentioned, crypto betting is secretive and safe. However, as a bettor, you have to ensure that you choose excellent bookmarkers that are regulated by betting boards and formally licensed. These licensed and regulated bookmarkers are controlled and thus by far they offer the best services.

While betting anonymously with crypto on these bookmarkers, you have the peace of mind that they have passed through tests and that your investment is secured. So, to avoid the stress of worrying about your deposited funds while enjoying your bets, always ensure that you deposit to a safe site.

Are the odds fair when betting with crypto bookies?

Just like the traditional bookmarkers, crypto bookies offer their odds ranging from one bookie to another. It is quite crucial to compare and contrast various crypto bookies and choose the one that offers the best odds according to your preference.

Generally, well established crypto bookies offer awesome odds, compared to popular traditional betting sites. When betting, you need to aim at these established sites, which at their heart of their service, aim to offer excellent odds and deals.

As much as betting is fun, there is more pleasure when you win a little bit more profits, taking advantage of the competitive odds.

How is the anonymous crypto compared to regular bookies?

As it stands, since cryptocurrency is still new in the market, many bettors are still on the traditional regular betting sites. However, with the rapid development and popularity of crypto, people have since begun changing their minds and turning to crypto betting.

Well, that is a superb move. In the recent years, crypto and block chain technology have greatly improved and boosted the odds they offer and their games market variety. In simplified terms, crypto bookies now offer a service that stands out among other established traditional bookmarkers.

Every bettor with an eye for the future can surely note that despite crypto betting being new to the market, of course compared to established traditional bookmarkers, some are already matching or even exceeding the services offered.

Thus, if the improvements and rapid growth rate keep up the pace, it is quite clear that in future the crypto bookmarkers will compete and go far beyond the traditional bookies. So, if you are not sure whether to ditch your ancient bookies for the modern crypto bookies, think no more. That is the right place to be.

Crypto bookmarkers have a clear eye for the market. They are well aware that betting is centered on the bettors finding the best possible service for themselves. These services include the odds offered, the games available to place bets on and all other special offers that they can take an advantage of.

What are the advantages of betting anonymously with crypto?

The benefits of betting anonymously with crypto fairly exceed the cons, if at all there are any. The main advantage of it is that you get the freedom to bet freely and secretively, without revealing your identity.

Also, betting with crypto offers you unbeatable privacy. For instance, someone else might have access to your betting account, but it is not easy for them to see how much you have lost or won, as opposed to traditional bookmarkers where every transaction is available.

Further, cryptocurrency has a relatively higher value compared to normal currency. Thus, when you win with crypto bookies, you make more money compared to the normal currency bets.

Final thoughts

Like in the middle age, we are still using paper money and coins. However, with time, digital currency will phase out notes, considering the technological advancement speed. To say the least, every transaction will turn to digital currency. In the betting world, anonymous crypto betting will carry the day, as it is safe and reliable.